The Calling


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This work was inspired by one aspect of the “Brotherhood of the Stag and Wolf”; a men’s group within the Earthspirit Community. The group originated as “The brotherhood of the Stag” a group for young men (post rites of passage into their twenties) but fairly quickly transitioned into a group that welcomes all men within the community who wish to participate. The archetypes under which the group gathers are symbolic of the King Stag which stands supreme amongst his kind and the Wolf whos true strength is found in that of the pack. This translates into practices that aim to foster individual strength and confidence as well as well as challenging and supporting one another, encouraging each other to act with integrity.
The Calling speaks to a practice within our collective, of being able to call on one another for strength and support. This is actually a rare and precious thing in our culture that seems to expect a “Man” to be able to handle things on his own, and expectation that causes needless stress and shame when one is unable to do so by themselves. When we are in the worst situations of our lives it is often difficult to ask for help, and we often don’t want to burden others with our troubles With one simple word a brother can let the collective know that someone that has the time and energetic availability will respond quickly. The one time I called out for help to the b